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Your digital supply chain twin

The world is getting more connected every day – so are supply chain & operations. Digital innovation is going at an ever-increasing speed. In this new world, there will be winners & losers.

So yes, digital supply chain should be keeping you awake at night – here’s why.

Do you want to become a digital winner?
Then you are in the right place.

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Connect your data, discover & orchestrate

Using smart algorithms to get value from your data

Sync your virtual twin

Create a near-time # virtual twin.

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Get End-to-End Visibility

Get end-to-end visibility across your value chain

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Set Smart Parameters

Set smarter parameters and anticipate the future

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Run End-to-End Simulations

Simulate & optimize end-to-end scenarios to drive better results

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Monitor the Control Tower

Monitor your control tower and focus on what really matters

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“As a Cool Vendor, is the recommended SaaS solution for the Digital Supply Chain Twin (DSCT)”

  • Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Strategy
  • Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Planning Technologies
  • Market Guide for Supply Chain Planning BPO/BPSaaS
  • IT Market Clock for Supply Chain End-to-End Technology
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Activating dynamic production master data by identifying golden batch sizes

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Towards an automated IBP by financial network optimization

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Prescribing dynamic planning master data based on event data

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Towards an E2E financially optimized supply with better throughput

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Optimizing order pattern insights using machine learning

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Providing E2E brand flow visibility by building up a virtual twin

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Towards A.I. based sales forecasting using internal and external data

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